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Mesa Trailer Wraps


In today’s business landscape, vehicles play a vital role in operations. They enable companies to deliver products and services directly to clients while ensuring a steady supply of essential resources for production. However, if you want to earn the trust of your customers while delivering goods and services or sourcing supplies, it’s crucial that your vehicles exude a professional image.

Custom semi trailer wrap installation

At Arizona Sign Company, we specialize in crafting eye-catching and tailor-made Mesa trailer wraps for your commercial fleet. Not only do these wraps enhance your company’s image, but they also drive increased business your way. Our team can design custom trailer wraps that align with your budget and deliver them swiftly.

You can even trust us to get supporting displays for your business that will match your trailer wraps and help you achieve your goals with these tools.

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Trailer Wraps for Semi Trucks

custom semi truck wrap

Semi-trucks are a staple to many businesses because it allows them to bring a lot of goods and supplies across the country.

Usually, they are found parked in distribution centers and industrial complexes, and when they are on the go, people see them on key highways and expressways. Because of these facts, it is important that they are marked accordingly so that they can promote the business wherever they may be.

Discover the power of Mesa trailer wraps for your semi-trucks, designed to effectively promote your brand while delivering essential information about your business at a glance. Once applied to your semi-truck, you’ll experience a remarkable transformation in your business transactions and traffic.

Trailer Wraps for Box Trailers

custom box truck wrap

Elevate your brand with our customized Mesa trailer wraps, available not only for semi-trucks but also for box trailers commonly used by service providers. These box trailers are the preferred choice for professionals, enabling them to conveniently transport their products and equipment to clients with ease.

When we make the trailer wraps for your box trailers, we will design them to promote your brand and offerings and make sure they protect your investment from damage. It will also be made with the same material used for our other trailer wraps so that they last a long time. We can even match it with your truck wraps.

Large Format Custom Wraps

Do you want your trailer to grab immediate attention, or do you prefer a more detailed yet visually pleasing display? At Arizona Sign Company, we specialize in creating large-format custom wraps. Simply communicate your requirements to our expert graphic designers, and we’ll craft tailor-made wraps that perfectly suit your trailer’s vision.

Custom Trailer Lettering

Vinyl Lettering

Are you in search of an effortless way to enhance your trailers? Look no further. You can request custom trailer lettering from us.

Our team can craft these pieces with the perfect design elements that resonate with your brand, all while prominently displaying crucial information like your business name, slogan, or DOT details.

Rest assured, our letterings meet industry standards and are strategically placed in key areas of your trailer, ensuring immediate visibility to your audience.

Cohesive Fleet Vehicle Wraps

We also do cohesive fleet wraps for your business, no matter how many vehicles you have or what type they are. We make sure that the design matches your content while having the essential elements of your business theme incorporated into the overall design. Once we have an approved design, we will make them in-house and get them installed perfectly in your vehicle.

Full-Service Trailer Wrap Manufacturers

Arizona Sign Company is a top-rated sign company in Mesa, AZ, specializing in personalized business signs and wraps. Our clients value our comprehensive sign services, consistently meeting their unique needs at affordable prices.

Mesa Trailer Wraps DE1872E9 300x225For wraps, we assure a precise fit to your surface’s size and shape, meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with your brand, content, and objectives while providing essential surface protection.

When you choose personalized trailer wraps from us, one of our seasoned wrap experts will personally guide you through every project phase. You’ll receive an initial design draft tailored to your requirements, with flexibility for refinements until it meets your exact specifications. Our in-house team handles manufacturing, and our skilled professionals are ready for seamless wrap installation.

Furthermore, our dedicated maintenance and repair experts ensure your trailer wraps remain an effective asset for your business. If you wish to harmonize your trailer wraps with your existing signage and wraps, we can assess and create the necessary components for a cohesive brand identity.

Free Trailer Wrap Consultation

Mesa Trailer Wraps mesa logo 1 300x87Trailers can definitely be a nice canvas for your marketing strategy to use to promote your business and share relevant information with your clientele. But you can only do this by getting your trailers personalized with trailer wraps with the help of a trusted sign company.

At Arizona Sign Company, you can get trailer wraps that work well for your trailers and be assured that they will be effective in improving people’s perception of your business and giving them all the information they need. Our expert wrap team can sit down with you to discuss your request and deliver the perfect wraps for your trailers in record time! We can even help you match your trailer wraps with your other displays, so contact us today to get started!

Call Arizona Sign Company at (480) 418-2101 for your Free Consultation with a Mesa Trailer Wrap expert!