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Mesa Car Wraps


Wider marketing reach is essential for every business’s success. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to cost too much to achieve. If you already have cars you use in running your business, it’s time to upgrade them into magnetic advertising tools using our custom Mesa car wraps!

custom car wrap

Arizona Sign Company can intricately design, skillfully produce, and expertly install all styles of vehicle wraps. No matter your specific car model, we can customize the car wrapping that best transforms your car into a captivating extension of your branding efforts.

We have a team of graphic designers who will closely work with you in creating a high-impact marketing look. All the details will be fine-tuned to align with your branding guidelines, personal preferences, and set budget. More importantly, our professional car wrap installers will flawlessly apply the graphics to your car—ensuring a seamless finish that attracts potential customers.

Arizona Sign Company can attest to the marketing benefits of high-quality, customized car wraps. You don’t have to change your routes to reach an audience; you can also advertise while your car is parked, which makes it a 24/7 promotional tool. Car wrapping even comes with the cool bonus of being able to protect the original bodywork of your vehicle.

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High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Compared to conventional signs you use to promote your business, our custom Mesa car wraps allow you to reach hundreds (or even thousands!) of people daily with less cost and effort.

impactful car graphicsOnce the vinyl graphics are applied to your car, you can resume your normal driving routes and let your brand be known to more potential customers.

Without having to pass by your establishment, people will already know your business exists and be familiar with your products or services. They will also be able to take note of your location and contact details should they want it.

Car wraps are a non-intrusive form of advertising that many people would appreciate. Unlike pop-up digital ads and cold calls, car wrapping doesn’t force your marketing message toward your target market but can double or triple your advertising reach.

Completely Customized to Your Needs

Arizona Sign Company follows a meticulous customization process for every signage and vinyl graphic we produce. Our in-house graphic designers have the experience, skills, and dedication to ensure that your Mesa car wraps will be a star on the road.

custom full car wrapWe’ll give your cars a unique, eye-catching look while highlighting your marketing message and key branding elements (e.g., logo, business name, and slogan). Other factors that have a big role in the planning and designing are your budget, personal style preferences (e.g., minimal design, full-color or black-and-white graphics, type of finishing, etc.), and your specific car model.

Our main goal is to successfully deliver the car wraps that meet your expectations, both in looks and functionality. We even offer more than full car wraps to ensure you get the vehicle graphics that best fit your requirements. Our offered car wraps and graphics include partial car wraps, cut graphics or lettering, and car magnets.

Here are some of the products that Arizona Sign Company can design, produce, and install for you:

Arizona Sign Company can cater to all kinds and complexities of car wrapping projects. No matter your car model and the number of cars needing custom wrapping, we can plan our working process to accurately accommodate your requirements.

Rest assured that if you work with us, you’ll get the best value for your money in the form of professional-looking car wraps that will impress numerous potential customers for a long time!

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Our car wraps and other signs and graphics that we provide are all made with high-quality vinyl and other signage materials. You can ensure that you can use our custom car wraps for a long time without worrying about fading, cracking, and chipping.

custom full car wrapThe marine-grade vinyl we utilize can withstand varying weather conditions for an extended period. Even the ink we use is high quality and weather-proof, giving you vibrant graphics that can attract people for as long as needed.

More importantly, our custom car wraps will be an added layer of protection for your vehicle. Even after a long time of usage and exposure under extreme weather conditions, you can preserve the original look of your car’s bodywork since our wraps protect it from various elements. This is especially beneficial if you wish to sell your car after some time.

Complete Wrap Manufacturer

custom vehicle graphic installationArizona Sign Company is a leading Mesa, AZ car wrap provider. We design, produce, and install all kinds of vinyl car wraps and graphics with precision and artistic expertise.

Our team has the tools and exceptional skills to cater to any car wrapping project. No matter the kind and number of cars you have, we can plan accordingly to fit your budget and timetable while meeting your expectations regarding the design and finishing of your wraps.

Whether you need a full car wrap or only minimal vinyl graphics to apply to specific parts of your car, trust that we can effectively transform your car into a 24/7, attractive marketing tool.

For a more cohesive advertising campaign, we also offer all kinds of custom business signs that you can use indoors and outdoors. These include the following:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Large format banners
  • Monument signs
  • Pole signs
  • Digital sign
  • LED signs
  • Yard signs
  • ADA signs
  • Awning signs

If you need a particular sign or type of graphics that’s not on the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Rest assured that Arizona Sign Company can customize practically any kind of signage that you want without exceeding your budget.

Free Car Wrap Consultation

Mesa Car Wraps mesa logo 1 300x87Car wraps let you turn your vehicles into more than simple transportation equipment. They have the potential to become a long-lasting representation of your brand, which can help expand your customer base.

Work with Arizona Sign Company to maximize this potential cost-effectively!

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