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Pylon Signs
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Mesa Pylon Signs


If your business depends on customer traffic for profits, it’s crucial to maximize your building’s visibility with an eye-catching and cost-effective marketing tool.

custom tenant pylon signFortunately, Arizona Sign Company specializes in customizing high-quality Mesa pylon signs for this exact goal!

Our team ensures that these outdoor signs are installed at towering heights, constructed from durable materials, and adorned with compelling designs that reinforce your brand.

With our pylon sign, you’ll have a long-lasting, unique, professional, and memorable exterior look that sets you apart from your competitors!

Whether you own a standalone business seeking an attention-grabbing landmark or manage a multi-tenant building aiming to give equal exposure to tenants, our pylon signs can be an apt solution to your marketing goals.

Contact our signage experts today and discuss how you can improve your visibility and, ultimately, your traffic and sales!

Call Arizona Sign Company today at (480) 418-2101 for your Free Consultation with a Mesa Pylon Sign expert!

Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxesPylon signs are already hard to miss due to their height, but you can further enhance their visibility and attractiveness with additional LED lighting.

Since these eye-catching signs will be installed by the road and can promote your brand 24/7, it’s always smart to incorporate them with lighting for improved reach and appeal. It transforms your sign into a powerful highway advertising tool, ensuring that more people will learn about your location and become familiar with your brand.

Illuminated pylon signs are especially popular among nighttime-operating businesses like convenience stores, gas stations, diners, hotels, and bars. Lighted pylon signs also serve as great landmarks, so your building is easily recognizable even from afar.

Additionally, we use LED lighting, which consumes less energy than other lighting options. This allows you to make use of your pylon signs 24/7 without worrying about unnecessarily high electric bills.

Affordable Tenant Signs

Multi-tenant establishments, along with standalone businesses, frequently rely on our Mesa pylon signs for better visibility. The good news is that Arizona Sign Company specializes in customizing these high-quality tenant signs for all kinds of facilities, like office buildings, shopping malls, business parks, and other commercial spaces.

custom tenant signWe tailor our pylon signs to create appealing graphics that are hard to overlook. Our goal is to genuinely appeal to your target market by creating compelling signage that fits your budget. Included in your customization options is to use either illuminated panels, interchangeable faces, digital displays, or channel letters to display your tenants’ names uniformly.

To know more about how we can customize your pylon signs for the best look, functionality, and durability without exceeding your budget, talk to our signage experts. We’d love to start planning your signage project and ensure that your investment will benefit your business in the best possible way!

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

custom pylon signPylon signs are proven effective in highway advertising. However, they require durable materials to withstand changing weather conditions and all kinds of roadside hazards. Luckily, at Arizona Sign Company, we use high-quality yet cost-efficient materials for all our pylon signs!

We always make sure that our signs are built to last. Our team utilizes the best metal reinforcements and painting techniques that your budget will allow. We will also make use of structural steel frames and aluminum coverings for even better support and overall longevity.

Even better, we aim to make your pylon sign faces longer-lasting by using durable materials like vinyl, polycarbonate, and acrylic. We use protective coatings for your sign faces as well. This will help resist fading, and the materials themselves, like polycarbonate, vinyl, or acrylic, ensure long-term durability.

Full-Service Sign Company

As a full-service Mesa, AZ sign company, Arizona Sign Company guarantees cost-effective Mesa pylon signs that will certainly make your business stand out.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignWe will give your sign a unique design that will not only attract more potential customers but also make your brand look more professional, impressive, and hard to forget.

Aside from expert design services, we also manufacture your pylon sign in our own shop. This ensures that we can maintain the same high quality throughout the necessary fabrication steps. Our process will guarantee that the quality of the material and overall structure of your pylon sign is the best one manageable for your set budget.

Lastly, we handle the installation of your signage too. We have experienced installers who can make sure that your pylon sign has a strong foundation and flawless power source (for illuminated pylon signs). Our installation team works in a swift yet safe and meticulous manner, too!

Free Pylon Signs Consultation

Mesa Pylon Signs mesa logo 1 300x87When it comes to increasing visibility and making your business attractive 24/7, it’s hard to beat our trusted pylon signs. They’re even more effective if incorporated with high-quality LED lighting.

So whether you own a standalone business or a multi-tenant establishment, reach your visibility goals with help from our pylon signs today. Arizona Sign Company will do our best to customize your pylon signs to seamlessly reinforce your brand image and let you stand out from surrounding competitors.

Call Arizona Sign Company today at (480) 418-2101 for your Free Consultation with a Mesa Pylon Sign expert!