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Apache Junction Electronic Signs
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Apache Junction Electronic Signs


If you want your business to stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to capture the attention of your target market with captivating business displays. At Arizona Sign Company, you can do just that and more by crafting your own custom set of Apache Junction electronic signs tailored to your business.

lighted digital message center pole sign

While traditional signs can help you stay visible and provide the information you want your customers to know before they check you out, it is not possible at night. With electronic signs, these signs will be visible at night and in harsh weather conditions, allowing you to constantly promote your business.

These signs also open the doors to businesses in terms of the amount of information they can promote at set times since they can update the signs in real time.

Arizona Sign Company’s experienced team of sign experts can help you customize your very own electronic signs and help you see how it can raise your marketing strategy to the next level.

Our team promises that you will get reliable electronic signs when you request them from us, and trust us to help you keep your investment in use for a long time.

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Lighted & Illuminated Signs

Out of all the options available for electronic signs, the most popular and highly requested ones are illuminated or lighted signs.

custom acrylic backlit storefront signThese signs are available in various styles and function much like regular business signage. However, what sets them apart is their ability to maintain visibility even at night and in harsh weather conditions when traditional signs may falter. They can also be employed indoors to draw attention to the business, particularly if it’s situated within a bustling shopping complex or complex.

At Arizona Sign Company, we personalize lighted and illuminated signs to not only help the business stay visible but also integrate seamlessly with your other displays. This guarantees that your customers will easily remember your business and improve their experience when they engage with your team.

Electronic Message Centers

Are you looking to elevate your display and have the flexibility to personalize how you communicate with your audience? Electronic message centers are the ideal investment to achieve an interactive experience for those viewing your displays.

custom digital message center pole signAs the name suggests, electronic message centers enable users to convey their message through video, photos, and text, and even program them to showcase specific content at designated times. They are available in color or black and white LCD panels, tailored to match the target content. Utilizing LCD panels makes them cost-effective and easily reprogrammable.

For your Apache Junction electronic signs, we’ll assess the content you wish to showcase and recommend the optimal electronic message center format. During installation, we ensure the electrical components are securely in place, and that you’re equipped to update it efficiently.

Digital Signs

At Arizona Sign Company, we offer a wide range of digital signs suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These signs are meticulously customized to enhance the visibility of your business and deliver targeted content to your audience, regardless of the time or weather conditions. They’re designed to leave a lasting impression, instilling trust in your business.

Our Apache Junction electronic signs are capable of displaying both text and images in a dynamic format. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate videos and music to engage specific audiences who prefer an interactive display to obtain essential information about your business. If you aim to encourage audience interaction, we can expertly program your digital signs accordingly.

To ensure the optimal effectiveness of your digital signs, Arizona Sign Company offers on-site visits to assess your location and recommend the best signs for your setup. We’ll also make any necessary adjustments to align with the content you wish to showcase. Our team will strategically determine the placement of these signs to yield the best results and enhance the overall customer experience.

Full-Service Sign Company

Arizona Sign Company is a leading sign company based in Apache Junction, AZ, known for delivering comprehensive sign services to clients seeking reliable and impactful business signage, regardless of their budget or design preferences. Our dedicated team manages every aspect of the sign process, from design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. This approach enables us to maintain affordability without compromising on quality or meeting project deadlines.

custom lighted sign installationWe specialize in crafting signs that meet your exact specifications, ensuring they align with your goals. Offering an extensive range of options, we also provide expert advice on what best suits your business. Clients receive a draft design tailored to their sign requirements, which can be further refined until it perfectly aligns with your vision. Once the design is approved, we handle in-house production and dispatch our skilled installers to bring the signs to your location for installation.

Aside from electronic signs, we also offer the following business signs at Arizona Sign Company:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Awning signs
  • Blade signs
  • A-frame signs
  • Banners
  • Flag signs
  • Window graphics
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Vinyl signs

Arizona Sign Company is ready to help you make your dream business signs a reality and help you achieve your goals through them. We guarantee that they will help you appeal to your target audience, create the perfect first impression, and transform your business space.

Free Electronic Signs Consultation

Apache Junction Electronic Signs mesa logo 1 300x87If you want to improve the performance of your marketing and promotional strategy, you can definitely benefit from having electronic signs in your business. These signs can help you increase your customer traffic by giving you more ways to promote your brand and appeal to a wider audience.

Let Arizona Sign Company show you how we can personalize your electronic sign to suit your needs while still keeping it within your budget. Contact us today to learn more, and we will be more than happy to get you started.

Call Arizona Sign Company at (480) 418-2101 for your Free Consultation with a Apache Junction Electronic Sign expert!